Having grown up down the street, The Doolittle Home has always been very near and dear to my heart. Back in 2004 after the sudden loss of my mother it became very apparent to me that my father could no longer remain in his home.
I can remember taking a sabbatical from work “to figure things out, and to grieve”. Life as we knew it had quickly changed for my family, and little did I know that there was help right around the corner.
I remember calling my friend Dianne in a moment of shear frustration, knowing I really needed help. She quickly made a call to The Doolittle Home.

My father became a resident of the home the following week. I soon realized what a very special place The Doolittle Home is. He was very well cared for and was always happy!
I really got to know how special the home is and how important it is to our community and our families. Every time that I walk in I am greeted by the smiling faces of the residents and the care givers.

The Doolittle Home made such a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful!