What is a Life Plan Community?

A Life Plan Community is previously referred to as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). CCRCs provide retirement housing and community lifestyle for adults usually 65 or older with the additional benefit of assistance of care when needed. A Life Plan Community enables people to age in place and ensure their needs will be met along the aging continuum. The Doolittle Home provides independent living, supportive nursing care in the main house and nursing care on our Nursing unit.


Who should consider moving into a Life Plan Community?

It is a big decision to move to a new residence and varies for each individual. Adults who are generally in good health and live independently should begin considering how they will access care as they age. When entering a community when you are still independent you are able to be familiar with a new setting and caregivers who will provide care when you need assistance. If you desire less responsibility for maintaining a home and have the financial resources to cover the entry fee and monthly fees it is an option to consider. Consider a Life Plan community so you can have a lifestyle you are free to enjoy and know care is already planned for you if you should need it.


What are the benefits of living at The Doolittle Home?

  • Maintenance free living
  • Access to recreational, cultural, educational and wellness programs
  • Peace of Mind for loved ones
  • Life care plan financial security
  • Dining Services
  • Social setting
  • Transportation to doctors’ appointments and local visits
  • Comfort of knowing care will be there if needed


Is the Doolittle Home licensed?

The Doolittle Home is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services as a Residential Care Facility. This is the same licensure as a Nursing Home.  When you visit The Doolittle Home, you will quickly see it is not at all like any nursing home you have ever visited.  Those exploring options for a loved one learn there are many different types of facilities meant to address different needs. While there are many different models to choose from, Doolittle Home’s approach and ability to provide independent, supportive and long term nursing care is unique. This allows individuals to maintain relationships as they age in place and what makes us a Home.


Who manages The Doolittle Home?

Unlike many other retirement homes, Doolittle is privately and independently managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Many Trustees live in the town of Foxborough and/or locally and have had loved ones reside at the Home. The Trustees understand the Home’s commitment to fulfilling its Mission by providing a high standard of care in the unique setting.


What are the Residency options of The Doolittle Home?

The Doolittle Home is a private pay organization and rates vary depending on the contract each Resident chooses as the best option for them.  Most long term care insurance plans can cover the cost of care.  We are not certified for Medicare or Medicaid coverage.   The contract options include the Life Care plan, Residency Plan and Respite.


What is the Life Care Plan?

Life Care is a residency agreement with a proactive approach to retirement living, combining room and board, recreational and social opportunities and personalized long term care with financial protections. It is designed to be able to provide security and care for a lifetime. With a life care contract, you have a lifetime access to full service independent living, supportive nursing care and nursing care in for a predictable fee, should you need to access it.  This can protect you for the rising health care costs which can be $350-$550 daily.  You and your family will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a solid plan. The focus is on living an active lifestyle while having the care needs available when needed, for much less than if one entered under a crisis. An individual must qualify both medically and financially to be eligible for the Life Care plan.


What does all-inclusive mean?

For our residency, no matter how much attention is needed, one all-inclusive monthly fee takes care of all covered services, housing, three daily meals, transportation, utilities, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, recreational activities and beauty salon services.  Additional costs include: telephone, cable, guest meals and any specialty services.


What do you need in order to be approved to move in?

We encourage the family, resident representative and potential resident to tour our Home and become familiar with our setting, its strengths and differences.  Medical information is shared with our Director of Nursing Services and Medical Director to ensure we can meet each individual’s needs.  An available room is chosen and the appropriate residency contract is determined and agreed to.  Once those details are complete we decide on a move in date.   The first two to three weeks is always a learning process for both the new resident and the staff.  We make every effort to make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your essential needs are met, while at the same time, we learn the little things that make a difference.


How is the food?

Our Executive chef and her dining team take pride in creating menus with creative homemade delicious meals.  Our registered dietician oversees all dietary plans including specialized accommodations and restrictions to ensure high quality and taste. We welcome guests to join us for a meal in our elegant dining room and enjoy a meal with their loved one(s).


Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Our volunteers are an important part of our community.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact our Director of Recreation.


Are pets welcome?

We are a pet friendly community and encourage pets to visit, subject to management approval.  We have weekly pet visits as part of our recreational calendar.  We do ask for you to confirm with our Executive Director prior to bringing any animals into the building.  Please make sure your pet is friendly and up-to date with all vaccinations.


Thank you for considering Doolittle Home.
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