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Cancelled – Music in the Park

Music in the Park has been cancelled for today (05/29/2017). Please check back later for a rescheduled date and time.

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Save the Date Golfers!

The Doolittle Home 3rd Annual Benefit Golf Tournament has been scheduled.  Please keep checking this site for updates.  Please click below for more updates…

Golf Tournament Flyer

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Hearts Abound at Valentine’s Party

IMG_1424 IMG_1385 IMG_1408 IMG_1416 IMG_1401 IMG_1403 IMG_1384The Doolittle Home celebrated Valentine’s Day with entertainment, dancing and delicious treats. Friends and family of residents were invited for the afternoon. Dave Valerio had the crowd laughing, singing and dancing for an hour as he

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Holiday Card Drive For Troops

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Residents, family, staff and volunteers signed and addressed 160 cards to contribute to Hero Helpers of America’s Holiday Card Drive. The goal of the Hero Helpers is to send 5,000 cards to our service men and women overseas this holiday season. The non-profit organization was started less than two months ago by two Foxboro natives.

Doolittle Home Activities Director, Roz Champagne organized the effort. “Our residents are always excited to participate in service projects for community organizations. It is wonderful to watch volunteers of all ages work together for a great cause,” commented Roz.

Doolittle Home was chartered in 1915 and has been providing exceptional care for the elderly in downtown Foxboro. Located in a gracious home, it feels more like a New England Bed and Breakfast than a retirement community.

Come see for yourself! Call DeAnna Willis at 508-543-2694 for a private tour. In the meantime, you can take a virtual tour of Doolittle Home by clicking here.

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Sleeping Well Into Older Adulthood

Older adults experience changes in sleeping patterns and habits that are part of normal phases of development. Changes in sleeping patterns, though, do not mean that sleep quality should diminish. Older adults require quality sleep every night in order to function at the highest level each day. According to Harvard Medical School, there are several common factors that cause sleep disturbance for older adults. Poor sleep habits and sleep environment are critical factors that influence older adults’ sleeping patterns.

Poor sleep habits are varied and dependent on the lifestyle of the individual. Falling asleep in front of the television or dozing off on the couch are two examples of poor sleep habits. To fix poor sleep habits, outline a nighttime ritual and follow it. Research suggests turning off electronics an hour before bed. Drinking non-caffeinated tea and reading a book are common activities that precede sleep. Refrain from engaging in activities in your bed that are not related to sleeping or intimacy.

Your bedroom is the environment in which you fall to sleep. Look around your bedroom and identify parts that bring around anxiety and stress. Is your bill basket on your nightstand, reminding you of the debt on your credit card? Do you have clutter stacked on your dresser? Change aspects of your bedroom that cause anxiety. Your bedroom should be a place that elicits peace and calm. If you’re not sure how to transform your sleeping environment, reach out to people who love you for advice.

About Doolittle Home

For an affordable monthly fee, Doolittle Home of Southeastern MA, provides 24/7 nursing care, a licensed nursing unit, onsite nutrition with a registered Dietician, Physical, Occupational, Speech therapies various activities and hairdressing services.  A small resident to staff ratio ensures that your loved ones receives the best care possible.

Doolittle Home is proud of its top-notch reputation and recently received a Deficiency Free Survey from the Massachusetts Board Of Public Health.  With increasingly stringent regulations, achieving the deficiency-free rating is exceedingly difficult. These surveys, and the subsequent ratings, are a useful tool for prospective and current residents; their families and health care practitioners, to make informed choices about the quality of a long term care facility.

 It takes an entire team effort to achieve this distinguished rating.  DeAnna Willis, Executive Director with the continuous efforts of the entire staff, including activities, maintenance, housekeeping, dietary, and professional medical staff, collaborate daily to provide exceptional care, which is the hallmark of the Doolittle Experience.

Doolittle Home is located at 16 Bird Street Foxboro, MA conveniently situated on the corner of Bird and Baker Streets minutes from Foxboro Common. Click Here to visit our website.

Interested in scheduling a tour? Call DeAnna Willis 508-543-2694























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2013 New Years Resolution

New Years resolutions are easy to make and easy to break. If you’re an older adult, it’s likely that you’ve made dozens of resolutions over the years. Perhaps there were some resolutions that you kept and others that you broke. Psychologist and author Richard Wiseman reports that only 52% of people who make resolutions believed that they could keep them. Even more surprisingly, only 12% succeeded in keeping their resolutions at all. As you reflect on previous years, what were the barriers that kept you away from achieving your goals? What were the strengths that helped you fulfill your goals? If you’re committed to being part of the 12% this year, read below for some tips on how to make realistic resolutions and keep them throughout the year.

Write down your resolutions using clear, specific, measurable objectives. A resolution to “be healthier” is not as powerful as a resolution to “attend jazzercise class every Monday and Wednesday”. Hang your resolution somewhere in your home, preferably in a place that you see every day. Set small goals that are realistic and manageable. If you’re currently eating one or two healthy meals each week, do not resolve to eat 21 healthy meals come January. Instead, resolve to eat one healthy meal a day, or, five healthy meals each week. Start slowly and increase over time.

Use the month of December to prepare yourself for transformation in 2013. Recruit friends and family to support you and ask how you can support them, too. Helping your friends meet their goals is a wonderful way to solidify an already close bond.

Worried about care of an older relative while you travel for the holidays? Doolittle Home can put your mind at ease. We provide respite care in our beautiful facility. Your loved one will receive attentive personal care from our staff, enjoy our delicious meals and participate in all activities. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Call Doolittle Home 508.543.2694 for information. Click Here To Watch Pat Talk About her Experience With Doolittle Home







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Something New At Doolittle Home

Joanne Pratt, Board Of Trustee President for Doolittle Home brought her passion for miniatures to exhibit for the residents. Doolittle Home showcases many talents during activities. Joanne has traveled the world seeking inspiration and materials for the miniatures she’s created. If you’re interested in a personal tour call 508.543.2694. Ask for DeAnna Willis.

Watch the video below of Joanne talking about this very interesting subject

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Giving Caregivers A Break At Doolittle Home

Summer is coming to an end soon, the holidays are arriving shortly and life continues with responsibilities and tasks to complete. Respite Care for the elderly is  vital for family caregivers to cut down on the stress and dedication involved.

At Doolittle Home, we’ve seen this all too often. Caregivers have dedicated so much of their time and energy to caring for their elderly parent or loved one and often find that they have little time for their own needs. As their loved one’s physical health decreases or mental acuity worsens, the family caregiver becomes more involved in that care and less able to take the time to refresh themselves. It’s often a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week commitment.

For so many, the daily challenges for caring for an elderly family member are just a part of their life.  However, no one person can do it alone.    Sometimes a caregiver is far away from family and friends who may offer assistance or sometimes they are the sole caregiver for their loved one. Caregivers who try to do it all find themselves at an increased risk of depression and other health problems as a result of this stress. Having respite care enables the primary caregiver to keep providing rather than burning out or becoming ill herself. This temporary removal from the situation may also serve to restore one’s energy and help to promote balance in one’s life. This is why respite care for the elderly is needed.

What is Respite Care? 

Respite Care is substitute care given so that the person who is the primary caregiver may get some relief.  Respite Care may be for just a week, a couple of days, one day or even just one hour.  It may be arranged to occur on a regular basis, or even just one time.  Respite Care for the elderly is a service that supports and maintains the physical and emotional health of a caregiver by providing temporary care to an aging loved one.

Many caregivers dedicate much or most of their free time to taking care of their elder family member.  In an increasingly mobile society where some family members have moved out of the general area, the remaining family member(s) have an increased burden and very little chance to go anywhere, do anything, or even have a family vacation.

Respite care can take several different forms.  If a care giving family would like to take some time off for a family vacation, they may arrange for a senior living home respite care such as Doolittle Home in Foxboro, MA. When space is available, some senior living homes offer temporary housing and care. A nice advantage to this may be the opportunity to test the senior living center without having to commit to moving there permanently.  The elder adult will be well cared for while enjoying the company and activities with the residents in the home.

A recent article in The Help Guide <<>>  had this list of some of the benefits of respite care for the elderly….

  • R – Renewal and Relaxation: Taking a walk, strolling leisurely through the mall, visiting a museum or doing whatever brings joy can calm a caregiver, decrease their heart rate and improve their mood.
  • E – Energy: To be effective in their own work, a caregiver must be afforded time to re-energize. Even an automobile won’t run on empty.
  • S – Space: Getting away from the care-giving situation for even just a few hours helps with relaxation and brings a renewed sense of purpose.
  • P – Pleasure: A caregiver must remember that they have the right to enjoy life even if they feel their care recipient cannot do the same.
  • I – Identity: A caregiver must be intentional in maintaining a sense of self.
  • T – Time away from the situation allows a caregiver to see it more clearly and upon return, adjustments can be made to improve the experience.
  • E – Engagement: Social isolation can be a huge problem for caregivers. It’s important to take time to engage with friends and family by sharing lunch, taking a shopping trip or a walk in the park.

The bottom line:  The caregiver must first take care of themselves in order to be effective in caring for others.

Doolittle Home’s Respite Care option eases the burden by providing the highest quality of standards, compassionate care, comfort, and absolute peace of mind. To schedule a personal tour call DeAnna Willis, Executive Director 508-543-2694 x 11

Click Here For Testimonial

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Doolittle Home Resident Celebrates 103!

At 103, Anne Stringer still has moxie, a sense of humor, and a spring in her step. “One drawback to turning 103 is I can only do one thing at a time. I was once able to do two or three things at a time and now one .” confided Anne.

Anne usually wins at the weekly bingo and participates in the assisted bowling program at Doolittle Home.  Having spent many years at Pine Tree Gardens on Chestnut Street in Foxboro, MA, Anne came to Doolittle Home in 2003.

Jay Barrows, a State Representative, presented Anne with a proclamation certificate. “She’s an amazing woman.” Jay shared as he handed over the special gift.

Anne’s week-long celebration included flowers, many cakes and family visits.

What makes Doolittle Home so special? Founded in 1915, The Doolittle Home provides retirement living for both men and women with a unique twist: the contract here guarantees care for life. It is the only retirement community licensed by the Commonwealth of Mass. as a “Life Care” facility.

  • Services include: 24/7 nursing care, medication management, special dietary planned meals, incontinence management, diabetes management.
  • Features: On-site activities
  • Accreditation/certifications: Perfect, deficiency-free survey from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH)
  • Charming Bed and Breakfast setting with all the modern amenities.

Doolittle Home is located in the heart of downtown Foxboro with easy access to highways. Call DeAnna Willis for a personal tour. Click Here For A Virtual Tour

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Summertime Safety Tips For Diabetics

It’s Summertime!  Here, in New England, that means high temps and humidity that can leave just about everyone a little wilted.  But folks who are diabetic may have a special challenge.  “People with diabetes have an impaired ability to sweat, which predisposes them to heat-related illnesses, as do uncontrollable high blood sugars,” according to Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Adrienne Nassar.

Temperatures of 80°F (about 27°C) or above, especially with humidity, can affect medication, testing supplies, and the health of a diabetic.  A diabetic’s body has a harder time handling high heat, combined with humidity (high heat index)

Here are suggestions from CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation for taking care of yourself during hot weather:

  • Heat can affect your blood glucose (sugar) levels and also increase the absorption of some fast-acting insulin, meaning you will need to test your blood glucose more often and perhaps adjust your intake of insulin, food and liquids.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, to avoid dehydration. Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages such as sweet tea and sodas.
  • If your doctor has limited how much liquid you can drink, ask what to do during times of high heat.
  • Check package inserts with medications to learn when high temperatures can affect them. Take medications with you if you will need to take them while you’re away from home, and protect them from the heat.
  • If you’re traveling with insulin, don’t store it in direct sunlight or in a hot car. Keep it in a cooler, but do not place it directly on ice or on a gel pack.
  • Check glucose meter and test strip packages for information on use during times of high heat and humidity. Do not leave them in a hot car, by a pool, or on the beach.
  • Heat can damage insulin pumps and other equipment. Do not leave the disconnected pump or supplies in the direct sun.
  • Get physical activity in air-conditioned areas, or exercise outside early or late in the day, during cooler temperatures.
  • Use your air conditioner or go to air-conditioned buildings in your community.

The Joslin Diabetes Center offers these tips for diabetics:

First thing—keep hydrated!! The heat causes you to sweat more and dehydration will raise your blood glucose levels. Water is your best fluid replacement. All good news—no calories, no carbohydrate, and pure hydration. If you do choose fluids with calories, be sure to account for the carbs.

Check the sensation: The heat can fool you into thinking your low. Sweating, flushing, rapid heartbeat these are symptoms of hypoglycemia but they can also be a consequence of the heat. Before you take extra carb you may not need, check your blood glucose. A full glass of water and getting out of the heat may be the answer.

Keep your footwear on: It may be delicious wiggling your toes in the toasty, sun-baked sand, but if you have neuropathy or vascular problems, shoes on. Neuropathy can make it difficult for you to feel if your feet are getting burned. Ditto walking poorly shod on hot pavement. Unnoticed cuts and sores can let bacteria in, leading to a nasty infection.

Take a pump vacation: going to the beach perhaps? The insulin in your pump is just as sensitive to the heat as insulin in a vial. This may be the time to leave the pump at home and carry a pen or vial and syringe in a cool pack.

So be prepared and when you’re in the heat, and keep thinking about all the snow you’re not shoveling.

If you have diabetes and have any questions about coping with heat or other extreme weather conditions, be certain to consult with your medical team. Doolittle Home monitors residents blood sugar to ensure safe glucose levels.

What makes Doolittle Home special?  The Doolittle Home provides retirement living for both men and women with a unique twist: Besides the charming bed and breakfast atmosphere, great food and activities, Doolittle Home’s life care option guarantees care for life. It is the only retirement community licensed by the Commonwealth of Mass. as a “Life Care” facility. 24/7 nursing care included. Accredited nursing unit located on premises and only available to residents. All inclusive fees mean knowing how to budget. Call today to experience the Doolittle Difference! More than assisted living…Total Life Care! Come see why we received a deficiency free survey from the state of Massachusetts. Call DeAnna Willis, Executive Director at 508.543.2694 to schedule a tour.


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