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How to Plan (Rather than React) to Retirement Living

Our residents have their cholesterol and other health needs monitored by the nursing staff.

Our residents have their cholesterol and other health needs monitored by the nursing staff.

Planning to move into a retirement home can be an empowering experience for individuals and families. It can also be overwhelming and scary at times. As life expectancy increases, more people will need a safe place to live after retirement. Instead of reacting to retirement at the eleventh hour, take preemptive steps and plan for your next phase. Read below for a few easy tips on how to choose your own destiny and plan for your future.

As you approach retirement, there are some basic questions to discuss with your family. What level of care do you need to thrive? When answering this question, consider your and your partner’s health needs, identifying the level of care that is most appropriate to maintain your quality of life. What geographical location is most appropriate for your lifestyle and health needs. Some older adults want to live near family or in place where the climate is warm. There are retirement homes in all parts of the country. The key is finding one that addresses your and your family’s needs and preferences. How much money are you able to spend on housing? Finances can be complicated, particularly if you have multiple responsibilities. Consult with a financial planner who has expertise in retirement planning for older adults.

Many older adults utilize a care coordinator to assist them in finding appropriate housing that accounts for lifestyle preferences, health needs, and financial constraints. Elder attorneys are also an available resource for older adults and their families.

The Doolittle Home invites older adults and their families to come for a tour of our facility, ask questions, learn about entry options and understand the services that are available under our roof. Call Virginia today to schedule a tour at 508-543-2694. It is never too early to plan ahead!!

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How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Card making with Elizabeth is a favorite activity every month.

Card making with Elizabeth is a favorite activity every month.

Memory loss is common at all phases of the lifespan. Older adults, however, are disproportionally impacted by memory loss. While some memory loss is normal for older adults, severe forms of memory loss may signal a more serious medical concern, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Simple memory loss may be preventable.  Read below to learn how to strengthen your memory one small step at a time.

First, read for pleasure on a daily basis. If you’re unable to read, inquire about volunteers to read aloud to you. Or, you can purchase audiobooks or rent them from your local library. Second, adopt a hobby that will help strengthen your memory. Word games, crosswords, and puzzles are examples of games that are fun and also challenging. These games are also appropriate to play with grandchildren during a visit or with peers when socializing.  Lastly, exercise has been shown to help both with overall health and also memory. Completing an exercise regimen should become a crucial part of your everyday routine. If you spend most of the day sitting, consider joining a walking group with other seniors. Working toward a fitness goal with peers can assist in holding you accountable to your health goals as well as to provide an opportunity for socializing.

If you’re concerned about your or a loved one’s loss of memory, visit a primary care doctor or neurologist as soon as possible. When you visit the doctor, come equipped with specific questions and concerns. Appointments with medical doctors are often short; therefore, the more prepared you are the better.

The Doolittle Home’s approach to memory care is unique as we do not have locked units or require all residents with memory limitations to live in the same location of the home. We believe that keeping an elderly person socially engaged and intellectually stimulated under supervision is the best response to loss of memory.

As a boutique retirement community, we are dedicated to individualized care. Our loyal and committed staff forms relationships with every resident and is sensitive to each resident’s particular memory level. Sometimes it is simple reassurance or assistance with dressing, the day of the week, mealtime reminder or encouragement to join a group activity.

We invite you to come see our wonderful facility and meet our staff to learn how we engage all of our residents to enhance their lives. Call Virginia at 508-543-264 for a tour today!


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