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Doolittle Home Invites The Public For A Special Fall Open House

Walk through the door and you’ll immediately sense the “Doolittle Home Difference”, a private nonprofit retirement home providing extraordinary care for those 65 and older for nearly 100 years. Residents live within a beautiful home that looks and feels more like an elegant New England Bed & Breakfast than a long term care facility. Doolittle Home provides 24/7 nursing care, a licensed nursing unit, and onsite nutrition with a registered Dietician, Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies, a wide range of activities and hairdressing services, all included in an affordable monthly fee.  A small resident to staff ratio ensures that your loved one receives the very best care possible.

Doolittle Home, located at 16 Bird Street in Foxboro, cordially invites you to join us for a special Open House event on Sunday, November 10th from 2-4pm. Guests will enjoy refreshments featuring our irresistible homemade “Foxboro Famous” cookies, musical entertainment and special giveaways.

You will have the opportunity to meet with Doolittle Home’s caring, friendly staff, Board of Trustees, residents and tour this exceptionally special home.

Our affordable all-inclusive fees provide peace of mind for Doolittle Home’s Life Care, Month To Month and Respite Care residents. We look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and for you to experience first hand the Doolittle Home Difference.

Please feel free to contact us at 508-543-2694.  Visit our website by clicking here for a virtual tour and additional information.

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Doolittle Home Explains About The Importance Of Adhering to A Medication Regimen

Adherence to a medication regimen is one of the most important parts of an older adult’s life. Unfortunately, there is a relationship between a person’s age and the amount of medications they are required to take. The older people become the more medication they need to maintain their health.  Older adults have difficulty maintaining a medication regimen due to memory issues and visual impairment. Only 20-50% of older adults take medication as prescribed. When older adults do not take medication as prescribed, they are at great risk of developing new medical health issues or exacerbating the ones for which the medication treats.

One of the primary reasons why medication adherence is overlooked is due to lack of meaningful communication between older adults and caregivers. When caregivers are unaware of older adults’ medication management routine, they are unable to support them in adhering to the schedule. Many older adults prefer to live in their own homes in order to maintain an independent lifestyle. When this is the case, adult child caregivers should ensure that their parents are taking medication as prescribed. Although older adults might feel defensive at first, adult children can lay out medication each day to remind parents which pills to take at a particular time. Over time, caregivers can continue to increase the amount of support they provide the older adult regarding medication. For example, caregivers can count medication and monitor older adults taking the pills. If this is not possible, you may need to hire a visiting nurse or select a senior care living option such as Doolittle Home to administer the medication.

Meet Linda
Linda Faria, LPN Dedicated and caring staff member for over 12 years. “It’s an honor and a privilege to work at Doolittle Home, where residents receive such quality of care. ”

About Doolittle Home

Doolittle Home is a private nonprofit retirement home providing extraordinary care for those 65 and older. Residents live within a beautiful home that looks and feels more like a comfortable New England Bed & Breakfast than a long term care facility. Doolittle Home also has a Supportive Nursing Care Unit for those residents needing additional care. We offer significantly more personal care than an Assisted Living Facility with a small resident to staff ratio. Up to 32 women & men can call Doolittle Home their home at any given time. Care options include Life Care, month to month and respite care. There are no hidden fees at Doolittle Home, including 24/7 nursing care. For more information about Doolittle Home call 508.543.2694 and ask for DeAnna Willis.

Click Here For Doolittle Home FAQ
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Breast Cancer Awareness for Older Women

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer rates are rising every year. In 2013, 296,980 women will be diagnosed with the disease. Although the rates of breast cancer are increasing, the 5-year relative survival rate has improved significantly since the mid-1970s. Older women are considered a special population in the breast cancer community because of their unique needs. More than 40% of new cases of breast cancer occur in women ages 65 and older. There are many different ways that older adults can be proactive in preventing breast cancer and treating it once diagnosed.

Older adults should engage in self-breast exams and yearly mammograms to prevent breast cancer. Creating a preventative treatment plan with a doctor to avoid breast cancer is an important first step. Some older adults might have difficulty getting to a doctor. Therefore, supportive friends and family members should make an effort to ensure that they attend yearly appointments and annual mammograms. Given the recent publicity about breast cancer and medical treatment options, it is likely that you will have many questions for the doctor. As always, bring written questions to the appointment.

Aside from engaging in regular self-breast examinations and yearly mammography, older adults should consult with their doctor and review their medication regimen. A recent study tied high blood pressure medication to breast cancer in older adults. This study does not mean that older adults should not take high blood pressure medication. Rather, in light of these findings, older adults should have a conversation with their doctor and create an individualized treatment plan that minimizes the risk of developing new conditions.

Meet Christine Kent, Director Of Nursing Services

Christine came to Doolittle Home in 1997. A graduate of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, Christine began her Doolittle Home career as a night shift nurse. Christine has been Director since 2005, and oversees a staff of 25 nurses, CNAs, as well as the Physical Therapist, Medical Director, Dietician, Social Worker, and Pharmacy Consultant. Christine says, “Working at Doolittle Home is like working with family. We all work together as a team to get the job done. What each of us brings to the residents, makes the difference.















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