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The Doolittle Home Announces The Appointment Of Three New Board Members

Pictured left to right: Cathy Hickey, Fran Kleindienst and Florence Spillane

“The current board and staff are happy to welcome new board members Cathy Hickey, Fran Kleindienst and Florence Spillane, all residents of Foxboro. Doolittle Home is working hard to extend its reach and by engaging new leaders, we can create and promote an environment that supports positive initiatives for our current and future residents as well as the elders throughout the community. ” said DeAnna Willis, Executive Director of Doolittle Home.

About Doolittle Home’s new Board of Trustees;

Cathy Hickey was asked by Beth Ferencik, a longstanding supporter and Board Member to join Doolittle Home’s Board of Trustees. “I’ve always had an interest in learning more about the Doolittle Home. My daughter Katie works here part time and has spoken highly of the staff and residents.” Cathy is employed as a project manager for the Federation For Children With Special Needs. In her spare time, Cathy enjoys reading and the company of her husband Bob and two teenagers.

Fran Kleindienst was invited to serve on the Board of Trustees by Joanne Pratt, Doolittle Home’s President. “I always thought about serving on the board. My daughter April worked here as a nurse while she was in school and I’ve visited many residents throughout the years”. Fran is now retired from her career as an insurance agency manager. She has lived in Foxboro for her entire life and volunteered on the COA and Friends Of Foxboro Board of Directors for 10 years. Fran shares her talents on the Fundraising committee.

Florence Spillane is an attorney that specializes in a range of general law services located in Foxboro. Invited to serve on the Board by Ed McIntyre, an enduring supporter, fellow attorney and Board Member of Doolittle Home, Florence always admired the home and thought very highly of this charming community. She lives in Foxboro and is the mother of two twin girls, now 26. Florence serves on the By Law and Fundraising Committees.

The three new members join an eleven-member board that oversees Doolittle Home’s finances,  policies and practices, strategic planning and community outreach.

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