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Rockland Trust Donates A Senior Friendly TV To Doolittle Home

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rockland Trust, a trusted provider of financial  solutions located in New England, for their loyal support to Doolittle Home.  The donated large screen TV and DVD player will enhance each residents’ mind, body and spirit through a variety of stimulating interactive games and movies.

“We are grateful for the generous support of Rockland Trust,” stated DeAnna Willis, Executive Director of Doolittle Home. “Eyesight and hearing can deteriorate as people age, yet watching TV and reading are activities that never grow old. Rockland Trust’s large screen TV donation will nourish the minds of our elder residents who are hearing and sight challenged. Our residents are truly enjoying the new TV”.

To learn more about Rockland Trust visit We are indebted for their continued support and  share in the joy of our mission: Compassionate Elder Care with a Clear Difference.










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The Sharon Singers Sing Like Angels At Doolittle Home

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On April 12th there was a sacred music concert performed by the Sharon Singers of the Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute from Pennsylvania. Each year these talented singers travel the eastern seaboard and Canada to entertain thousands of lucky audiences. Residents enjoyed the peaceful acapella angelic voices and caring presence. The Sharon Singers primarily perform in larger venues and we are grateful to each and every performer for their graciousness to the Doolittle Home. One resident said “They sing like angels”.

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Show Mom How Much You Care

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. How will you show your Mom how much you care about her on this special day? Are you stumped on how to ring in Mother’s Day this year? It’s easy to get “present block” and draw a complete blank on how to celebrate your Mom in a meaningful way. Planning your celebration in advance will ensure its success. Read below for some ideas on how to share a special day with your Mom without breaking the bank.

Offer your Mom a day of relaxation. How does your Mom like to unwind? If she enjoys gardening, purchase flowers and gardening supplies for her. Plant flowers together. Watching a movie in a cool theater followed by a homemade picnic lunch is a different way to relax. Engaging in mindfulness meditation and yoga practices together is yet another activity that gets stress out of the way and peace back into the picture.

Eating is a very popular way that many daughters choose to bond with Mom. Attend a spiritual or religious service with your Mom to honor her place in your life and treat her to a gourmet brunch afterwards. If baking and cooking is up your alley, make your own buffet of her favorite foods, decorating the table with pictures of you both across the years. Extend invitations to other mother-daughter couples to bring some liveliness to the event.

Regardless of what activity you choose, your Mom will be happy just to spend time with the apple of her eye.

For those who’s mom has passed and would like to make a tribute in her name Click Here

Please call Doolittle Home located in Southeastern Massachusetts for additional information or to arrange a tour. We invite your inspection and comparison of our unique services to the elderly. There are many options available to those making decisions for aging loved ones but nobody can match the care and commitment of Doolittle Home.

What we offer is;
*Licensed Nurses 24/7 365 days per year
*Administer medications
*Serve 3 meals per day under the direction of a licensed dietician and certified food service supervisor
*Assist in a residents grooming and dressing
*Launder and iron a resident’s personal clothing
*Provide bed linens and towels
*Transport residents to medical appointments
*Provide a wide variety of stimulating activities
*Monitor residents daily for proactive care
All this for one low monthly fee. Call 508-543-2694 to speak with our caring staff about your options. Click Here To Watch Video Testimonials

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