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Older Adults Falling in Love

Falling in love as an older adult is a blissful, fulfilling feeling. You’ve likely fallen in love many times before in your life. But, there’s something unique about meeting a special person in your older years. Once you’ve felt an attraction toward someone there are emotional, psychological, and physiological responses that occur in your body. If you think that the feelings associated with falling in love are random, they are certainly not! Many researchers and scientists have studied the connection between your mind, body, and heart. And, the verdict is in- there are chemicals associated with the various stages of love.

The fledgling state of love includes butterflies fluttering around in your stomach. No matter what your age, the early stages of love remain the same. Your cheeks will be flushed, eyes dilated, stomach aflutter, and heart racing. Just like when you were a teenager, you’ll never want to leave your partner’s side. Testosterone and estrogen are key players during this stage. Even though testosterone is often associated with men, it is also present in women during moments of romantic attraction. Attraction is also facilitated by neuro-transmitters called monoamines.

As your relationship evolves and deepens, you and your partner will enter into the attachment stage. This stage is fueled by oxytocin, the chemical released during childbirth. The attachment stage is when you and your partner begin building a collaborative plan for your lives. These may include buying property together and long-term healthcare planning. Before rushing into commitment with someone it is important to assess whether you share the same values and life goals.

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