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2013 New Years Resolution

New Years resolutions are easy to make and easy to break. If you’re an older adult, it’s likely that you’ve made dozens of resolutions over the years. Perhaps there were some resolutions that you kept and others that you broke. Psychologist and author Richard Wiseman reports that only 52% of people who make resolutions believed that they could keep them. Even more surprisingly, only 12% succeeded in keeping their resolutions at all. As you reflect on previous years, what were the barriers that kept you away from achieving your goals? What were the strengths that helped you fulfill your goals? If you’re committed to being part of the 12% this year, read below for some tips on how to make realistic resolutions and keep them throughout the year.

Write down your resolutions using clear, specific, measurable objectives. A resolution to “be healthier” is not as powerful as a resolution to “attend jazzercise class every Monday and Wednesday”. Hang your resolution somewhere in your home, preferably in a place that you see every day. Set small goals that are realistic and manageable. If you’re currently eating one or two healthy meals each week, do not resolve to eat 21 healthy meals come January. Instead, resolve to eat one healthy meal a day, or, five healthy meals each week. Start slowly and increase over time.

Use the month of December to prepare yourself for transformation in 2013. Recruit friends and family to support you and ask how you can support them, too. Helping your friends meet their goals is a wonderful way to solidify an already close bond.

Worried about care of an older relative while you travel for the holidays? Doolittle Home can put your mind at ease. We provide respite care in our beautiful facility. Your loved one will receive attentive personal care from our staff, enjoy our delicious meals and participate in all activities. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Call Doolittle Home 508.543.2694 for information. Click Here To Watch Pat Talk About her Experience With Doolittle Home







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Residents at Doolittle Home enjoying playing Bingo. The rousing game of bingo that Americans love has a long and rich history. Bingo originated in the early 1500s. The roots of the game can be traced to an Italian lottery, Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’ Italia. Interestingly, the Italian version of bingo is still played every weekend in certain parts of the country. In the late 1700s wealthy French aristocrats played a game called, Le Lotto, which shares many features with the Italian and American version of the game, bingo. German children also played a version of bingo. Yet, they used the game as an educational tool.

Bingo, once called Beano, finally reached Atlanta, Georgia in the early 1900s. The game was found primarily at fairs and carnivals, providing a jovial activity for children and families to play while they were enjoying the festivities. Edwin Lower, a toy salesman from New York, overheard someone yell the word, “Bingo!” instead of “Beano!”. The name stuck and Lower became committed to promoting the game. He and a math professor collaborated and created thousands of bingo cards with unique combinations.

Bingo is now commonly played at churches, community centers, and schools to raise money. The idea of using bingo as a way to increase recreational funds also began in the early 1900s. Catholic churches relied on funds accrued from bingo to build savings. Aside from fundraising efforts, bingo has also been used as a way for community members to bond. Bingo is a carefree, high-energy game that keeps people on their toes. Many Americans love playing Bingo with friends and family. The game can be played with hundreds of people in a large auditorium. Or, it can be played at a kitchen table with a small family.

Doolittle Home provide residents with community interaction and involvement. The activities program also fully encourages and supports family involvement and volunteers. If you are interested in finding out how to volunteer at Doolittle Home Click here


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The Interact Group Visits Doolittle Home

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November was an exceptionally busy month for activities at Doolittle Home. Entertainer Duane Sullivan filled the home with music, a new afternoon tea party program was added and the Interact Group of Foxboro provided a morning of crafts.

Please call Doolittle Home for additional information or to arrange a tour. We invite your inspection and comparison of our unique services to the elderly. There are many options available to those making decisions for aging loved ones but nobody can match the care and commitment of Doolittle Home.

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