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Thank You

The Open House at Doolittle Home was a glorious success. Many potential residents and their families toured Doolittle Home and enjoyed the delightful treats served.

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We thank each and everyone who attended. If you are interested in more information about Doolittle Home call 508-543-2694. Click Here For A Virtual Tour

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Karen Talks About Doolittle Home

Karen Laper, MS, RD, LDN is Doolittle Home’s Dietary Consultant since August of 2003. Watch Karen talk about Doolittle Home and her experience with the staff and residents. We thank Karen for her years of service and dedication to Doolittle Home.

Call for a personal tour 508-543-2694. For additional information visit our website click here

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Leading Cause Of Injuries For Those 65 And Up

Falling Down Goes Up With Age
Seniors Are More Susceptible To Taking A Fall

Did you know that in the U.S., falls are the leading cause of injuries in people 65 years old and up?  Understandably, accidents and health conditions are the leading culprits.  What’s really surprising is that most of the falls occur at home, while performing common activities.

What causes the falls?  Balance can be affected by medications, alcohol, heart disease, low blood pressure or arthritis.  Poor eyesight and hearing, decreased coordination and strength, slower reflexes and other disabilities can be factors.  Within the household, worn carpets, newly positioned furniture, clutter on the floor, poor lighting, electric wires, stairs and wet floors can lead to trouble.

Fortunately most falls are minor and result in a quick recovery.  But the severity of injury increases with age with the most common injuries being head traumas and fractures to the hip, wrist and spine.  Even when there is no physical injury, there can be a dramatic affect on the senior and their family.  Fear of future falls can decrease confidence, which can lead to less independence and social life.

Stairways in the home of a senior can be a hazard.  Make sure there are sturdy handrails on both sides, the steps are clear, the surface is in good condition and the lighting is bright and even.  (Shadows can cause problems.)

Tips For Avoiding Falls

  • Avoid clutter on the floors, especially in the normal paths of traffic.
  • Don’t leave something in a pathway “just for a second”.  It’s usually the wrong second.
  • Place electrical and telephone cords out of pathways.
  • Carpets should be wall-to-wall and low pile.
  • Do not wax floors or use non-skid wax.
  • Steps should be no taller than 6 inches and all steps should be the same height and depth.
  • For those with poor vision, attach a bright colored piece of adhesive tape to first and last steps…and any place there is a variation in the height or depth of a step.
  • Avoid the use of stairs when possible.  This may mean rearranging the use of rooms or even installing a motorized lift.
  • Chairs and sofas should be high enough and firm enough to make it easier to sit or stand.
  • Chairs should have high backs and sturdy armrests so they can be used to support sitting and standing.

Doolittle Home’s physical therapist works with our residents on balance issues. If you would like to find out more information about Doolittle Home, call 508.543.2694.  We invite you to take a tour and experience what we call “The Doolittle Difference.” Click Here To Watch Doolittle Home’s Movie

About Doolittle Home

With nearly a century of experience in caring for people, Doolittle Home, offers a safe and dignified retirement option. In a bed and breakfast atmosphere, with all the modern amenities, Doolittle Home offers 24/7 nursing care, a licensed nursing unit, onsite nutrition, Physical, Occupational, Speech therapies and hairdressing services. Doolittle Home is proud of its top notch reputation and recently received a Deficiency Free Survey from the MA Board Of Public Health. Doolittle Home is located within walking distance to downtown Foxboro and set in a beautiful residential neighborhood.

(Sources: American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, A Variety Of Articles & Books)

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New Video About Doolittle Home

Doolittle Home has created a new video. The video showcases what makes Doolittle Home stand out. If you would like a personal tour, please call DeAnna Willis 508-543-2694. Enjoy!

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Rockland Trust Donates Skype Computer To Doolittle Home

Rockland Trust has donated a senior friendly computer to the Doolittle Home. The donation will enable families and Doolittle Home residents to Skype via video chat to loved ones who live a distance from here.

“We are grateful for the generous support of Rockland Trust,” stated DeAnna Willis, Executive Director of Doolittle Home. “Their donation will help residents communicate and interact with families living far away who may not have been able to physically visit.”

Today, Jeanne Travers, Marketing, Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation and Mark Coletta, Foxboro’s Assistant Vice President personally toured Doolittle Home. ” It’s wonderful that residents will be able to speak with grand kids and family who live far away. When I got married, my grandma was able to be a part of the wedding through my ipad and the Skype application. Now residents of Doolittle Home will be able to do this too.” Mark said.

About Rockland Trust Company

Rockland Trust Company is the sole bank subsidiary of Independent Bank Corp. (Nasdaq: INDB), with approximately $3.4 billion in assets. Rockland Trust offers commercial banking, retail banking, investment management services, and insurance sales services from 61 retail branches, 9 commercial lending centers, and 5 mortgage origination offices located throughout southeastern Massachusetts and on Cape Cod; and, from 4 investment management offices located throughout southeastern Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, and in Rhode Island. With 870 professionals, they are one of the largest employers in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Rockland Trust lives by four key promises:  a commitment to providing superior customer service, strengthening the communities in which it works and lives, investing in their employees’ success, and meeting shareholders’ expectations. To find out more about the products and services available at Rockland Trust, please visit

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Save The Date For Doolittle Home’s Open House Event

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If you are considering options for your long-term care or that of your parents or loved ones, Doolittle Home cordially invites you to join us for an Open House event on Sunday, May 20th, from 2-4pm. We will serve refreshments, including our homemade “Foxboro Famous” Doolittle Home cookies, provide musical entertainment, and delightful giveaways.

With nearly a century of experience in caring for people, Doolittle Home offers a safe and dignified retirement choice. In a bed and breakfast atmosphere, with all the modern amenities, Doolittle Home provides 24/7 nursing care, a licensed nursing unit, onsite nutrition with a registered Dietician, Physical, Occupational, Speech therapies various activities and hairdressing services.  A small resident to staff ratio ensures that your loved ones receives the best care possible.

Doolittle Home is proud of its top-notch reputation and recently received a Deficiency Free Survey from the Massachusetts Board Of Public Health.  With increasingly stringent regulations, achieving the deficiency-free rating is exceedingly difficult. These surveys, and the subsequent ratings, are a useful tool for prospective and current residents; their families and health care practitioners, to make informed choices about the quality of a long term care facility.

 It takes an entire team effort to achieve this distinguished rating.  DeAnna Willis, Executive Director with the continuous efforts of the entire staff, including activities, maintenance, housekeeping, dietary, and professional medical staff, collaborate daily to provide extraordinary care, which is the hallmark of the Doolittle Experience.

At the Open House, meet with Doolittle Home’s caring, friendly staff, Board of Trustees, residents and tour this exceptionally special home. We look forward to meeting you, answering questions, and providing a personal guided journey. Experience first hand the Doolittle Difference.  Please feel free to call us 508-543-2694 and click here for a virtual tour.


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