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Chew On This

Dry mouth (xerostomia) is a common complaint for patients who take multiple medications. Saliva is the body’s defense again cavities. Naturally occurring bacteria that live in your mouth produce acids that cause tooth decay. Saliva acts to neutralize these acids. Chewing sugar free gum helps to increase the flow of saliva in your mouth and help prevent tooth decay!


Patients that wear dentures often struggle keeping them secure in their mouths. The use of denture adhesives such as Polygrip should be a last resort. So why do dentures start to get loose.

Here’s the reason………

Your dentures, especially your upper denture uses a phenomenon called cohesion to stay attached to your gums. For example, if you take 2 identical plastic cups, add a little water and stack one inside the other and shake to disperse the water, you will find it virtually impossible to take them apart. That’s cohesion.  Similarly, upper dentures, newly made are so closely fitted to the gums that if you add a little saliva between them, they will “stick” in place. If your upper dentures feel loose or simple fall out of your mouth it’s because the side of your denture that touches your gums no longer fits well. With time and changes to your overall diet, the gums can shrink with weight loss or fill out with weight gain causing the dentures to feel loose. Consider a reline. This is the process where the inside of the dentures are stripped and a brand new lining is placed that fits perfectly against the gums.

The same is not the case for the lower set. Because you have a tongue in the middle, the lower dentures rest on much less of the gums. Since the tongue is always moving, it is difficult to keep the lower dentures in place. Under these circumstances, a relatively new option is to place 2 titanium implants into the lower jaw and attach them to the denture with 2 “buttons”. The results have been remarkable!

Article  written by Dr. Victor Leung. Dr. Leung of Foxboro Dental Associates is located at 132 Central Street in Foxboro, MA. For more details you can call 508.543.7901 and visit their website

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New Friend of Doolittle Home

“What I like about Doolittle Home is a sense of service and great staff.” says Dr. Victor Leung, D.M.D., who graciously volunteers his time tending to the residents oral health care. “When I come to Doolittle Home, everything is set up for me to serve the residents quickly, efficiently, and meet their needs in a familiar setting. ”

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